version, of 200 cu in (3.28 liters) and 120 hp (89.5 kW). The V8 route started out with a 260-cu in (4.26-liter) 164-hp (122-kW) unit straight out of the Falcon. That, too, was soon superseded by a gruntier version, in this case a 200-hp (149-kW) unit of 289 cu in (4.74 liters). At the same time, a higher-compression 289-cu in unit with a four-barrel carburetor was added, offering 210 hp (156.5 kW). But even that was not the most potent Mustang available during the first year. Three months after the initial launch, buyers could order the Hi-Po (High Performance) 289 Mustang, now with special cylinder heads, 10.5:1 compression, high-lift cam with solid lifters, 600-cfm (16.99-m_/minute) Autolite four-barrel carburetor and more freely flowing exhaust manifold. To cope with the extra power, the main bearing caps were beefed up, and the quoted figure was 271 hp (202 kW). With the optional low-ratio 4.1:1 rear axle, that was enough for a 14-second quarter-mile, according to Car and Driver , with a terminal speed of 100 mph (161 km/h). Predictably, Hi-Po was the favorite of the motoring press, in that it backed up the Mustang’s sporty looks with serious performance: “... the HP Mustang backs up its looks in spades,” said Car Life , while Road & Track summed it up as a “four-passenger Cobra.” It was not just engines that forced new Mustang buyers to make choices. In place of the standard three-speed manual gearbox, they could have a four-speed manual or Cruise-O-Matic automatic three-speeder. And that was just the start. Assuming that one could afford them, power steering or brakes could be specified, as well as air conditioning and heavy-duty suspension. There were 14-in (35.6-cm) five-spoke steel wheels, a vinyl roof, or wire wheel-style hub caps. One of the most popular was the “Rally Pac,” which was a steering column-mounted tachometer and clock, and proved popular because all first-year Mustangs came with the Falcon’s standard instrument panel, which was anything but sporty.

The 1960 Mustang was a favorite of the press who loved its sporty looks and high performance.

Ford Mustang 13

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