The Roots of EDM What is electronic dance music (EDM)? Some people identify electronic music with music created on a computer, laptop, or device using electronic music software that allows an artist to mix different songs, melodies, beats, noises, or rhythms together. Some people think of EDM in terms of its original form—mixing two different songs or sounds together using side- by-side record players or turntables with an electronic mixer that changes the sound of the music. Some people don’t like the term EDM at all, preferring “electronica,” “techno,” or more specific genre names like “trance.” Whatever it is called, a once-underground musical scene has emerged over the past two decades to become so popular that many people enjoy listening to EDM on a regular basis. Electronic dance music is played on television commercials, during sports events, in buildings and elevators, and on popular radio and streaming services. It has become so common, in fact, that many people just think of EDM as popular music. “There’s little question that EDM (electronic dance music) is the fastest-growing musical genre out there,” writes journalist Abel Alvarado. “With DJs like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiësto leading the pack, electronic music’s popularity has


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