establish the beat and rhythm of the song. In some bands musicians playing keyboards, horns, or other instruments may be added to create a fuller sound. A vocalist will sing the lyrics energetically, sometimes screaming or shouting to be heard above the band. Origins of a Genre It is impossible to talk about the history of rock and roll without understanding what the United States was like at the end of World War II in the mid-1940s. In many parts of the country, white and black Americans did not mix. Blacks faced racial discrimination in their everyday lives. They were not allowed to live in the same neighborhoods as whites. Schools, restaurants, and other public places were segregated .

Entertainment was also segregated. Theaters and nightclubs either were not open to blacks, or had a small section in the back where they could sit. The music of black and white artists

The development of the electric guitar made rock music possible. Electric guitars use devices called pickups to convert the vibration of the strings into an electrical signal, which can be played back loudly through an amplifier.



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