Paintings of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian art comes from a civilization that dates back around 5,000 years, from approximately 3000 BCE to 30 CE. Remarkably, because of the dry climate of this region, this art remained in very good condition for millennia, sitting safely inside the tombs of the pharaohs. This artwork was never meant to be seen by anyone. It was intended only for the pharaohs to enjoy in the afterlife, as they would hunting or fishing. The ancient Egyptians used their artistic skills to make beautiful and elabo- rate tombs for their pharaohs. The pyramids were built to be used as tombs for the pharaohs and other royalty. They created a number of spectacular paintings inside these tombs, depicting scenes such as the journey of the deceased in the afterlife. Other painted scenes in each tomb depict the life events and activities of that particular pharaoh while he was alive, so that he could enjoy them again after death. Some scenes also include paintings of protective deities introducing the pharaoh to Osiris, the god of the underworld.

Egyptians painted the inside of tombs with gods and hieroglyphics.

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