A HEALTHY HEART A recent study found that there is a significant correlation between helping others and the heart’s health. It was found that people who volunteer are about 40 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure as compared to those who do not volunteer. REDUCE STRESS T he act of helping others can also help reduce stress. Research shows that people who help others have lower cortisol levels. The presence of this hormone in the body causes it to create feelings of anxiety and panic, which can lead to higher blood pressure levels. People who do less for others have a higher level of the stress hormone in their body. A SENSE OF PURPOSE Giving to others provides a sense of purpose to an individual. People who volunteer for a cause feel that their life is worthwhile and satisfying. This ultimately leads to improved physical and emotional health.

HELPING OTHERS MAKES YOU HAPPY According to research, people who engage in acts of kindness and giving are happier in general as compared to others. Acts of kindness carried out regularly or even once a week can lead to greater happiness and joy in life. EMOTIONAL HEALTH Studies have also shown that the act of charity results in emotional well- being. The person who gives to charity feels improved self-esteem. This gives a feeling of satisfaction to the individual. In a way, giving to others allows the individual to create a “kindness bank account.” The more kind acts are filled in the account, the better the emotional state of the person.


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