Fauna and Flora The fauna and flora of Thailand include distinctive plants and animals. Normally, the forests are filled with hardwoods such as teak, as well as plants like bamboo, pine, and betel. The lowlands are coastal, creating an ideal place for mangroves and rattan. Animal life is unique in Thailand, since the country’s forestlands and coastal regions support larger mammals such as the civet cat, otters, and bears. Gibbons and wild monkeys may also be found in Thailand. The country has over 600 breeding bird species, as well as several common reptiles including lizards, crocodiles, and turtles. Domestic animals—oxen, goats, and sheep—are found in Thailand alongside single-horned rhinoceroses, tapirs, wild hogs and cattle, snakes, and deer.

Watch this video to explore ten of the unique places you need to see if you go to Thailand.


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