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Polar Bear

Scientific Name: Ursus maritimus Range: The Arctic (including Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland) Diet: Meat (usually seal) Life Span: 25–35 years IUCN Red List: Vulnerable

Weighing as much as a grand piano, polar bears are built for hunting down prey. Unlike grizzlies, polar bears eat meat exclusively. After all, there aren’t a lot of vegetarian options in the frozen north. Fortunately, when times are good, polar bears are much more interested in hunting seals than hunting people. But times are not so good for polar bears these days. Habitat loss has left increasing numbers of polar bears dangerously short of food, and that can spell trouble. In 2010, two napping Norwegian campers were attacked by a polar bear. The bear dragged one of the campers right out of his tent and across the ice. The following year, an emaciated polar bear killed a teenage British tourist and injured several others in the tour group. Experts worry that these attacks may become more frequent in the future, as polar bears are forced into increased contact with human settlements.

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