Ultimate Danger Ultimate Danger Ultimate

When he first started wrestling gators, Chris wasn’t scared at all. “I loved the rush and excitement of it and didn’t even think of the dangers.” Once he got older, though, things changed. “I get much more nervous

Watch this video to see how Chris Gillette “wrestles” an alligator.

doing shows now as I’m more aware of the dangers involved,” he said. “During my show I try to get as close to getting bit without actually getting bitten. It’s about

balancing the audiences need for excitement with your own need of safety.” Gillette once had a run-in with a gator named Godzilla. The alligator had Chris cornered against the wall. The animal jumped at him and tried to bite his head. “If he had got ahold of me, he’d have caused some serious damage and possibly even killed me.” But Godzilla just grazed Gillette’s shoulder with his top teeth and left a scar. “That was a pretty hairy moment,” Gillette remembered.

An alligator wrestler at work at Everglades National Park, Florida.

Dangerous Fun


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