Ultimate Danger Ultimate Danger Ultimate

Chapter 1

Tempting Mother Earth O ur planet is as dangerous as it is wondrous. It is crammed with boiling volcanoes, icy slopes, craggy mountain cliffs, and remote caves. In other words, it’s a great place to defy death, if that is what you like. On the other hand, sports can be beautiful and magical. The grace of a figure skater, for instance, can bring joyful tears to the eyes of even the most cynical observer. When the Earth and sports converge, the strangest things can happen. That’s because human beings have a longing to dominate Mother Nature. Surfers, for example, will travel to the most remote corners of the world to tame the largest ocean waves. Ice climbers will scale slippery cliffs, while others plumb the depths of cold limestone caves. Sometimes, though, Mother Earth pushes back.

Tempting Mother Earth


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