Ultimate Danger Ultimate Danger Ultimate

Zealand’s indigenous Maori population, who were robbed and oppressed during two hundred years of imperialist rule, New Zealand may not seem quite as adorable. Given all that, it’s clear that “dangerous” is subjective. The term can also be a vaguely insulting one in some contexts. Consider the people of St. Louis, a city frequently included on lists of “most dangerous cities” due to its high rate of violent crimes per citizen. Many residents are annoyed about the city they love ending up on those lists. They’ll hold forth passionately about how the statistics are misreported, misunderstood, and just generally unfair. But not everyone finds “dangerous” to be insulting—for some, the word indicates something that’s a heck of a lot of fun. Three of this set’s six volumes ( Dangerous Jobs, Dangerous Places , and Dangerous Sports & Activities ) are partly or entirely devoted to dangers that humans actively pursue . Even those of us who would rather not dance with actual danger can’t get enough of TV shows and films that scare us, startle us, and let us experience danger at a distance. Some of us even read (and write!) books about the topic. So, without further ado, let’s check out the ultimate in dangerous creatures, activities, and events.

Series Introduction


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