In the mid-1800s, the scientist and friar named Gregor Mendel observed the occurrence of two types of seeds in pea plants growing in the garden of the monastery where he lived. This made him interested in the study of

hybridization experiments. He worked on seven pairs of varieties of garden pea ( Pisum sativum ). These varieties differed from each other in characteristics like plant height (tall/ dwarf ), flower position (axial/ terminal), pod shape (inflated/ constricted), pod color (green/yellow), seed shape (round/wrinkled), seed color (yellow/green), and seed coat color (gray/white). Ultimately, Mendel’s work involved extensive hybridization experimentation with more than 10,000 pea plants.

Gregor Mendel


dwarf: describes an animal or plant that is smaller than is typical for that type. friar: a member of a religious order, somewhat like a monk. hybridization: a process in which a member of one plant or animal species is bred with a member of another, resulting in offspring that combine characteristics of both parents. postulate: a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning.


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