Our body works very hard in digesting food, pumping blood, giving us energy to do our various daily activities. However, at times our body fails to carry out its functions properly. This may happen due to various reasons. Some of our organs may fail to

perform well because of an injury whereas some might be infected by germs. What are Germs? Germs are tiny organisms which enter our body and can cause various diseases. They can

be called “invaders,” which enter our bodies and cause diseases. Germs are very small in size. Due to their small size, we are unable to see them with our naked eyes. Instead, we need a microscope to see them. That is why germs are sometimes referred to as microscopic. Germs are so small in size that they creep into our bodies without being noticed.


diphtheria: a serious bacterial disease that makes it difficult for the person to breathe. immune system: part of the body that works to protect from illness. pertussis: a serious bacterial disease that causes excessive coughing. vaccination: a medical treatment that helps the body resist disease.


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