P lanet P it (Released June 17, 2011)

G lobalization (Released November 21, 2014)

Two major hit singles, Hey Baby (Drop It to The Floor) and Give Me Everything , exploded off this album. In 2012, Give Me Everything won Top Radio Song at the Billboard Music Awards and Song of the Year on the Billboard Latin Music Awards. P lanet P it reached number seven on the Billboard 200 Chart and number two on the U.S. Rap Chart, with over 50,000 copies having been sold. G lobal W arming (November, 06 2012) Back in Time, the lead single from G lobal W arming , was featured in the movie Men in Black 3 —the first time someone other than Will Smith sang a Men in Black theme song. On the Billboard 200 Chart, G lobal W arming ’s highest ranking was fourteen, but it reached the top of the rap chart. Over 355,000 copies have been sold so far. G lobal W arming : M eltdown (Released November 22, 2013) This albumwas released as an extended play version of the songs on G lobal W arming , but there were also five bonus tracks and many guest artists, such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Afrojack.

Pitbull’s eighth studio album reached number eighteen on the Billboard chart and number three on the U.S. Rap Chart, with more than 198,000 copies sold. Four singles from this extremely successful album reached the Billboard Top 40: Wild Wild Love, Fireball, Time of Our Lives, and Fun . D ale (Released July 07, 2015) The title means “hit it” in Spanish. This album reached number ninety-seven on the Billboard 200 Chart and number three on the U.S. Rap Chart. Pitbull won his first Grammy Award—Best Latin Rock Urban or Alternative Album—for this recording in February of 2016. C limate C hange (Released March 17, 2016) Robin Thicke, Enrique Iglesias, and R. Kelly—among others—collaborated on different singles with Pitbull for this album. His duet with Jennifer Lopez, Sexy Body , is one of the featured singles. C limate C hange climbed to number twenty-nine on the Billboard 200 Chart and number twelve on the U.S. Rap Chart.

Watch Pitbull and T-Pain sing this explosive hit, Hey Baby (Drop It to The Floor) from P lanet P it

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