Chapter 1:

From Miami to the World—Pitbull’s Greatest Moments A rmando Pérez chose the stage name Pitbull because of the never-give- up attitude of the pit bull

dog breed. It is this same attitude that prompted the rapper to start his music career on mixtapes in Miami. Luther Campbell, a record label owner, rapper, producer, and promoter, received one of Pitbull’s mixtapes from one of his talent scouts. Campbell, a member of the rap group 2LiveCrew whose music is known as “Southern Rap,”was looking for a Cuban-American rapper. In the Miami area in 2001, the Latino population was a growing audience. Pitbull’s mixtape prompted Campbell to sign him as an artist with Luke Records. The young rapper accompanied him on tours, where Pitbull battled other rappers onstage

in freestyle rap. That kind of rapping consists of lyrics made up on the spot, without any rehearsal.






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