Tours Bring Music to the People Rihanna has not shied away from the spotlight since she participated in a high school talent show and won. She has headlined six world tours, co-headlined a tour with Eminem, and performed live at award shows, fashion shows, and a number of other events. R ihanna : L ive in C oncert Tour Rihanna’s first headline tour promoted both M usic of the S un and A G irl L ike M e . Between July through September of 2006, she performed at over thirty shows throughout North America. She worked hard on the choreography and played her best-selling singles, like S.O.S. and We Ride . G ood G irl G one B ad Tour This worldwide circuit in support of G ood G irl G one B ad included shows for her loyal fans across North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, making it Rihanna’s first world tour. Over eighty performances were completed from September 2007 to January 2009. A number of musicians joined Rihanna on the tour, including Akon as the opening act in

select North American shows, and Ciara for shows in the United Kingdom. This tour was considered to be an upbeat party, as fans and critics alike enjoyed dancing along to Rihanna’s greatest hits. L ast G irl on E arth Tour Rihanna’s third tour, in

support of her album R ated R , grossed $40 million. While preparing, Rihanna explained her plans to make the shows edgy, new, and exciting: We’ve been prepping for the tour for a few months now, coming out with different ideas andcool things thatwe can do, things that we’ve never seen before, daring things—but now is whenwe really startwiththe rehearsal and we get into the nitty-gritty and the details of everything. I love taking risks. I’m not afraid of the unknown.

Scan to watch Rihanna performing live in Central Park, New York, at the Global Citizen Festival in 2016

The tour lasted from April

2010 to March 2011 and included a total of sixty-five shows across North America, Australia, and Europe.






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