Chapter 1:

Highlights Reel—Rihanna’s Greatest Moments R ihanna has produced eight studio albums, over a hundred of her singles have reached the Billboard Top 100 Chart, and more than ten of those singles have secured the number one spot. Overall, more than 54 million albums and approximately 210 million singles worldwide have been sold. Her tremendously successful career has affected several facets of the music industry in a profound way. Even at a young age, Rihanna became a global icon, an international musical sensation, a successful businesswoman, and a promising actress. Highlighted throughout this chapter are noteworthy moments, singles, and albums that have shaped her hip-hop career into what it is today. Rihanna’s Playlist M usic of the S un (Released August 12, 2005) Rihanna’s initial album sold over 600,000 copies in the United States and successfully launched her career as a music artist. Of particular importance is the first lead single,






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