and someof themany benefits tohumans that jungles provide. We’ll discover many facts about unique bugs, animals, and plant species that call our rainforests home. We will learn about explorers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who explored the jungles of the world, sometimes at great peril to themselves. We’ll also examine mass deforestation of the rainforests, and how we must work together to save the jungles before they disappear fromthe surface of the Earth. What can we do to slow the rate of deforestation and exploitation of the jungles of the world? This book will discuss a number of organizations and foundations that are working to save the rainforests, along with some individuals who are also making a difference by teaching conservation of our natural resources in schools. Those of us who don’t live anywhere near a jungle can also help locally by planting trees and recycling, and by teaching others about the many benefits provided by the world’s rainforests. We all live on one planet, and we all must take responsibility for helping to preserve our rainforests for generations to come.

Introduction 9

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