riches searched for repeatedly by the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century). Fawcett first traveled to Brazil in 1907 and made seven trips in all to the Amazon jungle. Each time he returned to England with fabulous stories. Around 1914 he began to talk about a “lost” city that he called Zed (the British name for the letter Z). He became certain that ruins of this city survived and were the remnants of El Dorado and was so sure of finding it that on his last expedition in 1924 he took along his oldest son Jack (who was twenty-one at the time) and Jack’s best friend. No one of the group was ever heard from again.

Dr. David Livingstone famously disappeared into the jungles of the Congo around 1865. The Scottish missionary and explorer was discovered in a town at the edge of the jungle in 1871, two years before he died of malaria.

DR. LIVINGSTONE Dr. David Livingstone was a scientific explorer and investigator, as well as a Protestant missionary and anti-slavery campaigner, who captured the imaginations of many with his trips into “deepest, darkest Africa” to bring Christianity to African tribes. From the early 1840s to the early 1870s, Livingstone worked on mapping and navigating the rivers running through the jungle so that Europeans would be able to open up the area for converting natives to Christianity as well as to trade with them.


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