CHAPTER 9. Species Figures 50 CHAPTER 10. Entomology 55 CHAPTER 11. Deforestation 60 CHAPTER 12. Making a Difference 65 Series Glossary of Key Terms 70 Documentaries 72 Resources 73 Index 76 About the Author and Photo Credits 80

Introduction 8 CHAPTER 1. Expeditions 10 CHAPTER 2. Locations 15 CHAPTER 3. Conservation Stories 20 CHAPTER 4. Climate 25 CHAPTER 5. Plant-Derived Medicines 30 CHAPTER 6. Types of Jungles 35 CHAPTER 7. Verge of Extinction? 40 CHAPTER 8. Human Uses 45


Educational Videos: Readers can view videos by scanning our QR codes, providing them with additional educational content to supplement the text. Examples include news coverage, moments in history, speeches, iconic sports moments and much more! Series Glossary of Key Terms: This back-of-the book glossary contains terminology used throughout this series. Words found here increase the reader’s ability to read and comprehend higher-level books and articles in this field.

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