SUNDARBANS RESERVE Area – 4000 m 2 (10,000 km 2 ). Home to: Bengal Tigers. This region lies mostly in Bangladesh and spreads to the west into India. The Sundarbans was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Area – 116,000 m 2 (300,000 km 2 ). Home to: Huli tribes, Tree Kangaroos, Blue Marble trees. The eastern half of the island of New Guinea is the country known as Papua New Guinea and was once almost completely covered by jungle. Since 1972, more than 80,000 km 2 , or more than 20 percent, has been cleared.

BORNEO LOWLAND Area – 165,000 m 2 (427,500 km2). Home to: Penan tribes, Proboscis Monkeys, Asian Tiger Mosquitos. This jungle encompasses the entire island of Borneo, which is shared by Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, In Borneo, 700 tree species were once discovered in just 25 acres (0.1 km 2 ).

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