I n jungles around the globe, strange and unique animals carry on life as they have for millions of years. You will discover many interesting facts about these creatures—some highly poisonous, some able to change their body color at will, and some who live their entire lives in the treetops or underwater. You will also learn about how these creatures are threatened daily by humans, many of whom don’t understand what a great loss extinction of a particular species can be for our planet. Truly unique and rare species call the world’s jungles their home—mammals like the Amazon pink river dolphin or the large-nosed proboscis monkeys of Borneo. Some of these jungle creatures are not on the endangered list yet, but all of them are threatened by hunters, fishermen, loggers, miners, and the continued destruction of their habitats. Some of the most dangerous creatures in the world live below the surface in swamps, marshes, and mangrove rivers. You’ll meet the lethal black caiman, which can eat deadly piranhas without suffering the consequences! But even their enormous size and razor sharp teeth can’t protect this reptile from the threatening menace of human hunters.


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