Amazing snakes, rodents, and reptiles also live in the world’s jungles—from the extremely poisonous to those that are among the oldest creatures on Earth. You’ll meet the largest rodent in the world, often hunted for its meat, hide, and skin grease that is used for ointments. Will these animals be strong enough to survive the many threats to their jungle environments? Big cats still roam the jungles of South America, Borneo, and Central and West Africa. These noble kings of the jungle have suffered more than any other animal at the hands of poachers, trophy hunters, trappers, hunters, and humans bent on the destruction of their habitats. Exciting birds of prey live atop jungles all around the world. They have hunted game like lizards, toads, small mammals, and snakes since the beginning of time. Time will tell if these birds will be any match for humans, who are steadily destroying their habitats with mining, logging, and the destruction of the rainforests to create large oil palm plantations.

Introduction 9

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