PROBOSCIS MONKEYS OF BORNEO The proboscis monkeys of the jungles of Borneo are famous for one very special feature—their enormous snouts or noses, which male monkeys use to attract female monkeys. Scientists say that the very large noses of the proboscis monkey functions as a giant echo chamber that deepens the call of the monkey. The deeper call impresses the nearby females and intimidates any male rivals. Proboscis monkeys are

found in the swamps and coastal mangroves close to the rivers, and they live high in the treetops, only rarely climbingdown todry land in order to hunt for food. The diet of the proboscis monkey is simple— they eat seeds, leaves, and unripe fruit. Sometimes they will eat insects. They live in groups of one dominant male and between two and seven females and their babies. Male proboscis monkeys can weigh up to 50 pounds, while the female can reach up to 25 pounds. Only the males grow the famous enormous nose!

Only male proboscis monkeys have the disproportionately large nose, which gives them the ability to make a deep pitched mating call to attract females.


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