United States

dealership a business, usually not affiliated with the manufacturer, which buys, stocks and sells automobiles voting stock a financial instrument that when purchased gives the buyer a vote on certain company decisions multi-national a term used for companies that have business headquarters in two or more countries

The United States has grown one of the largest native auto industries in the world. However, only two of its oldest makers, General Motors and Ford, are still majority owned by US entities. Also, a large state Chinese company has a sizeable investment in GM. That said, US automakers are truly international. Almost all major car markets have not only US automaker dealerships, but factories as well, with some of them making cars that are essentially native to the country where they are made, like Ford’s Troller brand in South America.

General Motors has been building cars in the United States since 1908, but has its roots in Buick, which produced its first car in 1899.



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