The Importance of Good Etiquette When Forming Relationships

Marriage is complex and serious, so you will have to learn how to overcome potential problems along the way. Clearly, breakdowns in relationships are common, and even the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships will have their ups and downs. So it’s a worthwhile goal to show more appreciation, care, and respect toward the people who matter to us most. But how do we form good relationships exactly? Is it really just as simple as “clicking” with the right person?

Etiquette Counts: Especially With Your Loved Ones

Whether you’ve known a person for thirty seconds or thirty years, you’ll be far more likely to form a healthy relationship with him or her if you have good etiquette . Think about it: would you rather have a friend who is honest and considerate, or deceitful and disrespectful? Would your want your partner to be generous and kind, or self-centered and mean? Do you want your parents to

treat you and your siblings fairly, or would you be okay with your parents playing favorites and not setting firm boundaries? Just about all of us want our loved ones to demonstrate the first set of traits in the above scenarios. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely only on personalities “clicking” in order to be treated this way (or to treat others this way, for that matter). When it comes to creating healthy relationships, good etiquette— which includes being honest, considerate, gracious, courteous, tactful, generous, kindhearted, and fair—is a key component. Having good etiquette is like having a good toolbox that gives you all the tools you need to build healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying relationships. Not only will proper etiquette help you make a good first impression on potential

Even from childhood, good etiquette and respect for others are key requirements for forming good relationships with siblings, friends, and relatives. 10

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