Etiquette for Success: Relationships

Couples who stay together for life are very lucky, for they have managed to find their perfect partner. However, long-term relationships are not all plain sailing — couples have to practice good etiquette over many years. This includes being honest, considerate, gracious, courteous, tactful, generous, kindhearted, and fair. friends, partners, and colleagues, but it can also improve the chances that the relationships you build will have good “staying power”—that they will be long-lasting, fulfilling, and beneficial to both people involved. In this book, you’re going to learn how good etiquette can help you maintain high quality relationships with the people in your lives. You’ll be given some helpful tips (including confidence-builders and information about basic social skills) to help you make new friends and build contacts across every area of life—from school to work, the wider community, and so on. You’ll learn the clear benefits of developing and building lasting friendships, and what it means to be a good friend. You’ll be given some specific pointers on appropriate ways to engage with others in social settings such as clubs, sports, and charitable activities.


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