Etiquette for Success: Relationships Next, you’ll be provided with some practical tips on how to navigate the dating world in a safe, mature, and open-hearted way. Whether you’ve just started dating someone or have been with them for years, this book will provide many valuable insights that can help both you and your partner enjoy each other’s company and grow in your relationship, both together as a couple and as individuals. Finally, you’ll learn about some eye-opening concepts that can help you through one of the most stressful parts of life—breakups. No matter why a relationship may end, it’s important to remember that all parties involved deserve to be treated with as much respect as possible throughout the process. This book will teach you ways to be kind to a soon-to- be-ex and yourself. In short, this book will teach you how to build better relationships with virtually anyone in your life, whether it’s a stranger on the street, your parents, your best friend, or your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Let’s begin!

Text-Dependent Questions 1. Why do humans find social isolation stressful? 2. What percentage of marriages end in divorce? 3. Why is good etiquette important when forming a new relationship? Research Project Interview a friend or member of your family who has been in a lifelong relationship. Ask them why their relationship has been so successful and ask them what they have had to do to maintain its success.


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