The Importance of Good Etiquette at School or College Having good etiquette may seem like common sense, but we’re not often taught exactly how to develop this valuable trait or about what it looks like in our everyday lives. You may not realize it but maintaining good etiquette and manners throughout your life—especially during your formative school years—is also a powerful way to build your personal brand. Why does this matter? Because, in a world where performance, hard work, discipline, and talent are more valuable than ever, being known as someone who is trustworthy, kind, and warm-hearted can give you a significant advantage over other kids who’ve spent just as much time and energy as you have doing well in school and building an impressive résumé. Your success in high school, college, and the competitive job world will largely be determined by the impact you make on the people around you. So what kind of impact do you want to make? In this book, you’ll learn about what it means to have good etiquette in school. Consider it an opportunity to become a better student, both for your own benefit and for the benefit of the people around you. School can be cool if you understand your role in the community, and you definitely don’t want to look back on this fun and exciting time in your life thinking that you didn’t get as much out of yourself as you know you could have. First, you’ll read about what it means to show respect to your teachers, administrators,

and fellow students. You’ll see why having good etiquette can improve your school experience and help you forge beneficial relationships with people who can help you succeed later on in life. Next, you’ll learn the ins and outs of time management when it comes to schoolwork, both inside and outside the classroom. As you get older, you’re going to be given more responsibilities and more freedom. Having a solid foundation of good etiquette and social skills will help you manage both effectively. You’ll also learn about some tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your grades and help you take tests with more confidence. From developing good study habits to working well on group or solo projects, you’ll understand why traits like honesty, dependability, and fairness matter so much to your academic success.


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