Etiquette for Success: School

Learning good etiquette at school and college is an important part of personal development. Good manners will set you up for a bright future in both the workplace and in your home life.

The first layer of etiquette is all about the impression you make on the people around you. To this end, your physical appearance matters a lot. The way you look, dress, and carry yourself should be something you can take pride in and serves as a way for you to tastefully and authentically show off your personal style and personality. You’ll be introduced to the concept of “dressing for success” at school and how something as simple as good manners can go a long way. Good etiquette is a prerequisite to earning the respect of other people. If you want respect, you have to show respect—to both people and their property. You’ll learn how to demonstrate class and tact when using school equipment, which can help you avoid the


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