Etiquette for Success: School

embarrassing (and sometimes costly) social faux pas of misplacing, breaking, or otherwise inappropriately using school property (or the property of your classmates). Lastly, it’s pretty clear that you won’t get close to your full academic, athletic, or personal potential if you don’t learn to play well with others. The most accomplished people in any field have achieved their success not by going at it alone, but by learning how to rely on people they trust and working together as a team. So, to finish up your education on proper school etiquette, you’ll learn both why and how to help others, and see how serving others will also help you in the process. Grab some paper, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to learn. Class is in session!

Text-Dependent Questions 1. What day-to-day challenges do teens face at school? 2. Why can good etiquette seem like common sense? 3. Why is it beneficial for students to present themselves well?

Research Project Write an essay on how good etiquette and good manners can help you achieve a better education and higher grades at school.


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