Etiquette for Success: Social Media &Online Manners

Today we live in a virtual world as well as a real one. Everyday, we are bombarded with prods, tweets, messages, and friend requests. It is vital to be able to know when to respond and when not to.

You’ll also learn how to improve your email etiquette. This includes coming up with a respectful email address and knowing when email is appropriate to use (and when it’s not). Cyberbullying, “trolling,” and other harmful online behaviors are important topics to cover for improving your online etiquette. You’ll learn how to protect yourself from online harassment, what to do if you think someone you know is instigating online bullying, and how to treat everyone you meet online in a more respectful way. You’ll also learn how to find authoritative internet resources. This can help you with school projects or simply help you advance your own understanding of current affairs around the world.


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