Etiquette for Success: Social Media &Online Manners Good etiquette online can make a big difference for your future academic and professional careers. You’ll learn the tactful art of self-promotion and the ins and outs of business networks like LinkedIn. Making and retaining good contacts with potential employers, mentors, and peers is key. You’ll also learn why almost everything you do online leaves a “digital footprint” that can have either a positive or negative impact on your future. Lastly, you’ll be provided with a list of recommended readings so you can further your understanding of online etiquette as it applies to all the different ways you use the internet every day. So, let’s log on and begin! Text-Dependent Questions 1. How long does the average teen spend on digital screen media each day? 2. Why is good etiquette a crucial skill? 3. How do people with good etiquette tend to be seen by others? Research Project Write an essay on how good etiquette and good manners can help you achieve your goals in life. Then, using the internet, research eight golden rules of good online etiquette and manners.


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