The Importance of Good Etiquette in the Workplace

presenting yourself in a respectable way while also treating others with respect. It is also essential for a long and fruitful career, no matter what profession you choose. What is Good Etiquette & Why Does It Matter on the Job? A person with good etiquette has many positive traits and tends to make a good impression on the people around them. These traits include being honest, fair, hardworking, considerate, and good-natured. In the workplace, people with good etiquette are also seen as professional, cooperative, and dependable. Coworkers, bosses, and

Self-Employment Is an Option—but It’s Not for Everyone

Being your own boss sounds nice, but it does come with many unique challenges and stresses. Research from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics actually shows that fewer people are self-employed now compared to 10+ years ago. For example, in 2015 the self- employment rate in the US was about 10 percent, whereas in 1994 it was 12 percent.

customers enjoy being around people who embody these qualities. Having good etiquette helps you establish a positive work environment among your bosses and colleagues. This makes work more enjoyable, and it can help you be more productive and focused during business hours. Good etiquette also helps you gain the respect of the people you work with, including customers or clients. This is good for business and good for you. For one thing, customers are more loyal to companies (and the people who work for them) who treat them fairly and respectfully. Plus, showing your worth as an employee can increase your chances of career advancement, since your bosses and supervisors may be more likely to select you for a promotion or bonus if you prove yourself to be respectful and hardworking. Ultimately, having good etiquette in the workplace can make you more appreciated and valued as an employee, and for you this can translate into increased job satisfaction, more opportunities for success, and even greater financial gain. From the CEO to Custodial Staff, Good Etiquette Counts Many people start out at entry-level positions when they begin a new job or set out on a new career path. But just because you’re new to the workforce doesn’t mean that expectations of you are low. If anything, you may have to actually work harder than your


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