Etiquette for Success: Workplace You’ll learn the basics first, including how to present yourself well by means of cleanliness, proper dressing, and proper manners. This book will also cover effective ways to organize your time while at work. Businesses care about productivity, so timekeeping, efficiency, and using a personal diary are all helpful habits. You’ll be taught how to communicate and interact with colleagues, clients, customers, and suppliers in a more effective and respectful way. This helps you understand others better and helps you be understood by others, too. Things in life—and especially at work—aren’t always smooth sailing. Knowing what to do in difficult situations is key for good etiquette on the job, so you will be given some ideas on how to resolve problems in the workplace. For the instances when you may be interacting with your work colleagues in a more casual setting, professional behavior and good etiquette still apply. You’ll understand the importance of things like self-control, emotions, and behaviors during social occasions, both in and out of the office. Finally, you’ll learn about appropriate use of office equipment, including work phones, email, computers, fax machines, and more. Now, whether you’re currently employed or still looking for that perfect job, let’s “punch in” and begin! Text-Dependent Questions 1. Why is it beneficial to have a career doing something that you love? 2. Why is important to make a good impression on the people around you in the workplace? 3. Why is important to work hard in an entry-level job?

Research Project Write a one-page essay on what your perfect career would be. Explain why you would choose that career and why it would make you feel fulfilled.


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