B iofeedback, sometimes called neurofeedback , is a treatment to achieve better health in which you learn to control your body’s functions (such as your heart rate) through the use of electrical sensors. The sensors give information (feedback) about your body (bio). Stroke victims have used the process to regain control of muscles.The overstressed have used the technique to relax. Biofeedback has helped people beat insomnia and lower blood pressure.The approach has provided relief for those suffering from migraines and tension headaches, disorders of the digestive system, cardiac arrhythmias (irregularities of the heartbeat), Raynaud’s disease (a circulatory disorder that causes uncomfortably cold hands), epilepsy, and paralysis. It has even helped individuals with blad- der control problems. ScientificTake: HackYour Brain Biofeedback is a technique of mind over matter. It teaches how to be aware of and manipulate your physical processes to achieve a healthier mind-body state. In the 1960s, biofeedback was just catching on and was often associated with parapsychology and Eastern mystics . Back then, for some, the idea that you could control your brain waves and that could influence your health seemed farfetched.



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