ical of the disease.The voices take on distinct personalities called alters . In Joubert’s case, she would sometimes talk in different voices. She would adopt a Southern accent and become a four-year-old who loved kittens and horses. Or she’d turn into a five-year-old who wanted everyone to be happy. Sometimes, an older teen would appear to take care of the young- er ones, or in a social situation, the voice of an extroverted personality would step forward. When she went to psychotherapy to ad- dress her continuing problem, Joubert was di-

Childhood trauma can often be directly linked with DID.

agnosed with DID. Conversations with medical professionals revealed that she had experienced childhood trauma , which most likely led her to develop 12 main alternate personalities inside her mind. She thinks of these distinct characters as individuals who contribute to her whole being.

Therapy can be extremely helpful for those suffering with mental disorders.

Meet a mother with 20 personalities.

freaky phenomena


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