may have unique names, characteristics, mannerisms, and voices. Women are more likely to experience dissociative identity disorder than men.Various medications and therapies can help patients live with the disorder.To help patients move forward, a therapist may deal directly with each individual personality, helping that identity come to terms with what happened in the past.

TheWoman with 100 Personalities

Kim Noble of South London may hold the not-so-welcome title of having the most multiple personalities ever. Mental health specialists discovered that she has more than 100 personalities, of all different ages, some female and some male, jockeying for position in her mind. As reported in the Guardian in 2011, Noble says she goes through about three or four switches a day from one personality to another. There is 15-year-old Judy who is bulimic, thinks she is fat, and appears only at mealtimes. Ken wears his hair up and keeps his shoulders back in a cocky stance. Spirit of Water is an entity that arrives only at bath time. In her autobiography, All of Me , Noble reveals sev- eral traumas that led to her split personality, including repeated abuse as a child and an arson attack. Ongoing therapy helps Noble

At times, severe stress can lead to mental deterioration.

freaky phenomena


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