The Romans invaded England in 43 ad. They landed in Kent, made their way to the River Thames and sailed up it. Then they settled in a place on the north bank, where the river was not too wide. This settlement was called Londinium. A bridge was later built across the Thames.

⌂ Oil lamps were used for lighting in Roman London. This foot-shaped lamp was made in Holland and brought to the city by ship.

Roman London Tribes in England fought the

Saxons and Vikings Later in the 5th century, Saxons settled just west of Londinium and formed the town of Lundenwic. It was raided by Danish Vikings in the 9th century. Alfred the Great defeated the Vikings in 886 and rebuilt the Roman city. In 1016 the Vikings triumphed again and ruled until 1042, when Edward the Confessor took over. Medieval London After Edward came King Harold in 1066. Later that year he was defeated by William, a Norman duke. William I (the Conqueror) was crowned king in Westminster Abbey. In the following years London grew rapidly,and by 1300 about 80,000 people lived there. The Black Death of 1348–50 killed about half this population. Romans. The Iceni tribe, led by Queen Boudicca, burned down Londinium in 61 ad . The Romans later defeated the tribes and restored Londinium. It became the capital of Roman Britain. A basilica, forum and fort were built, plus a wall around the city. The Romans ruled until 410.

This picture from around 1500 shows the Tower of London, which was at that time a prison. ⌂


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