Federal city The official name of Russia is the Russian Federation, because it has a federal form of government. This means that each of its 85 republics, regions, and other political units has its own government and also takes part in the national government. Moscow is one of only three cities among the 85 members. Moscow government Moscow has a council with as much power as the government of a republic. The city is divided into 12 districts, and each elects its own council members. The whole city votes for a mayor, who is the leader of Moscow’s government.

FAST FACTS MOSCOW STATUS Capital of Russia and of the Moscow region AREA 970 square miles (2,511 square km)

POPULATION 12,200,000 (2015) GOVERNING BODY Council led by a mayor CLIMATE

Temperatures average 66 to 97°F (19 to 36°C) in summer and 9 to -20°F (–13 to –29°C) in winter TIME ZONE Greenwich Mean Time plus 3 hours CURRENCY I ruble = 100 kopeks OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Russian, written in the Cyrillic alphabet

The marble-covered Beliy Dom (White House), where the Russian parliament meets regularly. ⌂

Capital city As Moscow is Russia’s capital, it is the place where the national government is based. It is also capital of the 18,148-square-mile (29,206-square km) Moscow region (see map), so the regional governor and administration are housed there.

⌂ Russian president Vladimir Putin (center) talks with his defense minister at a Victory Day event, an annual celebration that marks Germany's defeat in World War II.



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