BUILDINGS AND BRIDGES Sydney’s two world-famous landmarks—Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House—make the

Spotlights pick out Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge at night, creating a spectacular scene.

city instantly recognizable. But a trip through the streets reveals many other impressive buildings.

The Opera House In 1955 the Sydney authorities decided to build a new concert hall. They organized an international competition for architects. The winning plan was the spectacular shell design of Danish architect Jørn Utzon. There were many difficulties during construction, but Sydney Opera House was eventually opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973. The magnificent structure, which stands on Bennelong Point at the very edge of the harbor, contains not only an opera theatre, but also three other concert halls, restaurants, and bars.

Sydney Harbor Bridge In Sydney’s early years, the only way to cross from the north to the south shore of the city was to take a ferry across the water. Then, in 1932, Sydney Harbor Bridge opened. Its magnificent arch is 550 yards (503 m) long and contains more than 50,000 tons of steel. Sydneysiders call it the Coat Hanger because of its shape. The bridge carries eight lanes of traffic, two railway lines, a cycle track, and a footpath. A popular guided tour now lets visitors climb to the top for an amazing view.


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