INTRODUCTION The city of Sydney lies on the Southeastern coast of Australia, on either side of a spectacular harbor that leads into the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific

Ocean. Sydney is Australia’s largest and oldest city, founded in 1788. Its central area covers just over 2.3 sq miles (6 sq km).

Suburbs sprawl to the north, south and west to give Sydney a total area of about 4.8 sq miles (12.4 sq km). About 4.4 million people, known as Sydneysiders, live within its borders.

Early settlers were stunned by the beauty of Sydney’s harbor. Today, with its many tall buildings and its famous bridge, it is still breathtaking.

Pacific port Sydney has become a major port for both passenger and cargo ships. Many luxury liners moor at Darling Harbor and Circular Quay, in the main Sydney Harbor area. Most container ships , which carry goods to and from places all over the world, dock further south, in Botany Bay. Sydney is also the most important base of the Royal Australian Navy. Its ships cluster around the navy headquarters on Garden Island.


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