Leisurely lifestyle Sydney’s location has helped to create the city’s special way of life. Many Sydneysiders regularly visit the harbor beaches, as well as the 37 miles (60 km) of Pacific coastline. Swimming, surfing, sailing, and other water sports are all popular and people spend many hours outside. Sydney’s climate makes this outdoor lifestyle possible. Summers (December to February) are warm and sunny, while winters (June to August) are usually mild. But there are occasional downpours, and sometimes a strong summer wind, the Southerly Buster, blows through the city.

FAST FACTS SYDNEY STATUS Capital of state of New South Wales (N SW) AREA 4.8 sq miles (12.4 square km)


State government and local councils, including the City Council of Sydney CLIMATE Temperatures average 78°F (26°C) in February and 60°F (I6°C) in July TIME ZONE Greenwich Mean Time plus 10 hours CURRENCY I Australian dollar (A$) = 100 cents OFFICIAL LANGUAGE English

A container ship waits in the terminal at Botany Bay. Cargo is packed into straightsided containers like those on the deck. ⌂

The City Council of Sydney meets in Sydney Town Hall. It is one of many local councils in the city and controls only about 2.3 sq miles (6 sq km) of land.

State capital Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, one of Australia’s six states. The state parliament meets in the city. It controls some aspects of Sydney life, such as schools and railways. Local councils and other special organizations look after matters such as parks, roads, and libraries.



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