Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio came into the 1957 German Grand Prix at Nurburgring with three wins under his belt for the season. He needed a fourth victory to clinch the Grand Prix driving championship. The course was just over 14 miles (22.5 km) with 172 turns, the toughest race on the circuit. English drivers Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins led Fangio by 51 seconds with 11 laps of 22 left to go when Fangio put his foot down to close the gap. In a courageous effort where he pushed his car to the limit, barely keeping it on the treacherous track, Fangio was just a second behind Collins and three behind Hawthorn with two laps to go. On that 21st lap, Fangio and Collins battled, passing each other until Fangio pulled away in a straightaway. That left Hawthorn, who Fangio overtook on a dangerous, unguarded corner on the last lap. This championship-winning drive was the final victory of Fangio’s brilliant career. FangioWins German Grand Prix


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