Senna Helps Comas

Crashes like the one suffered by Unser, Jr. in 1989 are a part of auto racing, and drivers anticipate the possibility during every race. When accidents happen, drivers are primarily concerned with preserving their own race, letting rescue workers come to the aid of fellow drivers. This is what makes the events in the qualifying runs for the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix extraordinary. French driver Erik Comas crashed heavily into the wall during his run. The first driver to come up on the wrecked car was Brazilian champion Ayrton Senna, who realized Comas was in trouble and stopped immediately after passing him. Senna got out and ran to Comas, avoiding at least two other cars on the track as they drove around Comas’ car. In a remarkable show of compassion and sportsmanship, Senna stopped Comas’ engine and stayed with the unconscious driver until rescue workers arrived on the scene.


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