AUTO RACING’S GREATEST MOMENTS For as long as there have been automobiles, there have been drivers willing to race them. The essence of racing has been the same for centuries, whether in chariots, on bicycles, or in cars: the search for speed. Drivers have pushed not only their own talents but also the limits of their vehicles to eke out the most speed possible, even at considerable risk to life and limb. It is that ever-present element of danger that initially made auto racing a spectacle not to be missed for fans of speed. As the sport has developed over the decades, it has become more sophisticated, and fans have evolved along with it. Auto racing is now so much more than the union of man and machine to maximize the speed that can be coaxed from the vehicle. An incredible amount of proverbial blood, sweat and tears goes into preparing a vehicle for a race. Fans have come to understand and appreciate the nuances that determine when it is time for a driver to pamper or push the vehicle at crucial points in a race, realizing that part of what encompasses a driver’s skill is knowing how to maximize the vehicle’s efficiency, not just its speed. The pit crew comes into play in this regard as well, helping the driver make crucial decisions that impact the race beyond the aspect of simply driving the vehicle. And then there is luck, sheer, unforeseen, unavoidable happenstance that can wipe out the best-laid plans, preparation, and strategy. Fans know that the day of their favorite driver can be ambushed by chance at any turn. An unintentional touch in close quarters can cause body damage that affects the aerodynamics and, therefore, the efficiency of the vehicle. A collision between two other drivers balloons into a four- or five-vehicle pileup. Debris or oil on the track can send your driver into the wall instead of through a turn. All of these are examples of how unpredictable the sport of auto racing can be, which is a large part of its appeal.

Drivers being able to overcome these elements, or becoming ensnared by them, are among the greatest moments that auto racing has produced.


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