166 Inter/195 Inter Powered by a narrow-angle 60°

engine and five-speed transmission, comparable to the 166 MM competition car. Ferrari produced around 20 hand-built 166s, allowing clients to indulge in personal styling and preference so that each car was unique. Produced by Ferrari in 1950, and introduced at the Paris Motor Show of the same year, the 195 Inter shared many design features with the 166 Inter, however the wheelbase had been stretched by 3.1 in (80 mm) to 98.4 in (2500 mm) and the V12 engine increased to 2341 cc, enabling it to deliver 130 bhp and a top speed of 120 mph.


1948-1950 (166 Inter)/ 1950 (195 Inter)

V12 engine, the 166 Inter set a high standard of style and engineering as Ferrari’s first road car. This elegant coupe was designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, a renowned design house that had previously worked on numerous Alfa Romeo models. The 166 Inter’s style was reminiscent of the 166 MM Barchetta, but with the addition of a smoothly curved coupe body. The chassis, although designed by Ferrari, was produced by specialized Gilco in Italy and was lengthened to 95.3 in (2420 mm), supporting the Gioacchino Colombo-designed V12

Engine Size Cylinders 0-60 mph Top Speed

1995 cc


11.1 secs

106 mph Power Output 109 bhp Transmission Manual Gears 5 Speed Length

156.7 in (3980 mm) 60 in (1525 mm) 53.1 in (1350 mm)

Width Height Weight

1984 lb (900 kg)

Wheelbase 95.3 in 2420 mm (Specifications refer to the 166 Inter)


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