In 1898, a boy who was destined to achieve great things was born in the Italian city of Modena. Enzo Ferrari would go on to be renowned for being the founder of the world-class sports car manufacturer in both racing and road categories. Ferraris are best known for their sleek, stunning, curvaceous design, eye-watering price tag, and standard rosso corsa (race red) paintwork. From the very first Ferrari, the 1947 Tipo 125 S racing sports car, through to the most recent 2013 LaFerrari mild hybrid limited edition road car, Ferrari have continued to astound enthusiasts and critics alike with their evolutionary performance road vehicles and Formula 1 racing pedigree. During his youth, Enzo Ferrari dreamed of becoming a world- class racing driver and set out to pursue his dream. In 1920, Alfa Romeo spotted the young driver and recruited Ferrari as a test driver, where he later formed his own team, Scuderia Ferrari, to prepare and race the Alfa Romeos. Ferrari started manufacturing his own branded automobiles at the end of World War II, and it was from here that the legend of Ferrari flourished. Ferrari have since gone on to become the most identifiable sports car manufacturer in history.


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