BMW S1000RR Designed and introduced at the BMW Motorrad factory in Munich, and the overall delightful feeling of relative weightlessness. Performance ratings top the



Engine Size


Germany in 2008, the BMW S1000RR first raced and came to the market in 2009. There are differences between the production and the racing models but the essential feature is always clear – this superbike is sleek and gives you an exceptionally smooth ride. Reports concentrate on the engine’s tractability and flexibility (there is optional electronic traction control)

Cylinders 4 ¼ mile sprint 9.57 secs Top Speed 190mph Power Output 193bhp Transmission Manual Gears

charts. In short, it’s got unbelievable power and is wonderfully designed – almost too wonderful for some, who comment that this superbike can seem a little soulless. Handling it, however, brings universal cries of joy and the technological advances that BMW have applied, such as the ABS and the traction, are highly rated – you can always turn them

6 speed, chain drive

Seat Height

32in (820mm) 183lb (403kg)


Wheelbase 56.4in (1432mm) (Specifications refer to the 2009 model)


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