Ducati 916 The Ducati 916 has been generally



Engine Size


Cylinders 2 ¼ mile sprint 10.9 secs Top Speed 159.7mph Power Output 114bhp Transmission Manual Gears

within Italy. Style and technology, performance and symmetry, all came together to produce an immaculate machine – one outstanding enough to win many world championships as a racer but also to feature prominently in the 1998 Guggenheim Exhibition on The Art of the Motorcycle.

acknowledged to be the most beautifully designed bike of the last 30 years. Massimo Tamburini, the designer, came up with a revolutionary new model after intensive work at the company’s shared research base in San Marino, the tiny principality nestling

6 speed, chain drive

Seat Height

31in (790mm) 429lb (194.5kg)


Wheelbase 56in (1410mm) (Specifications refer to the 1994 model)


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