model than the standard version. Soon after being launched, this model won the Maxisport category for Masterbikes in 2006 as well as taking the overall Masterbike crown for that year. Riders say that the main differences between the two models only really kick in when you start to push the bike as hard as you can. For those lucky enough to own or ride one, the Aprilia RSV1000R Nera was the de luxe model. Only

200 of these were ever made. It is lighter, with carbon fiber body panels, titanium exhaust, magnesium wheels, titanium nuts, bolts and fasteners, making it weigh around 385lb (175kg), roughly 22lb (10kg) less than the standard model. This enables increased performance from the enhanced V-twin magnesium engine, even though it produces a notch or two less horsepower.



Engine Size


Cylinders 2 ΒΌ mile sprint 11 secs Top Speed 172mph Power Output 141.13bhp Transmission Manual, chain drive Gears 6 speed Seat Height 32in (810mm) Weight 408lb (185kg) Wheelbase 55.7in (1415mm) (Specifications refer to the 2004 Aprilia RSV1000R)


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